Research on the life and death of Robert F. Kennedy.
The title is self-explanatory.
Jeff Sessions became Attorney General of the United States of America.
The Devil and You Know Who tried to reason with #CrookedDonald.
Dictator Reggie the First became an IDOL. World collectively farted.
Little girl asked for a cookie from a Fox News enthusiast.
Illegitimate office-holder was cured by conversion therapy.
Illegitimate office-holder took a dump on gold toilet, splattered whole world.

Apparently, no one else thought to name their website "Writings and Art." So it doesn't necessarily mean I'm an egomaniac who lays claim to ALL writings and ALL art that has ever existed or will ever exist; it's just how things happened to work out.

In the first half of 2013, I was in the process of posting my research files on a website known as "a forum for teachers and educators," but an issue came up in a forum debate that resulted in a few of us criticizing the site's co-owner. That led to his deletion of every post I'd made at the forum from 2006 to late June of 2013. (Ironically, I wanted to post my research there to benefit anyone who might get something out of it -- in an educational sense -- and for the sake of posterity, in a historical sense. So again, it's funny how things work out sometimes.) I then started a blog -- "disposable property" -- to continue my original intention to publicly post all my research files. Later I learned how to use the groovy computer code language all the kids are into these days and created this website. After a year, at the end of 2017, I had updated and transferred most of my blog postings here. (And also did a little drawing here and there.)

I think there's enough here to keep a person busy (by way of looking at "writings and art"), but a word of warning: one idea for a site name was some variation of "Labyrinth" ....... so there may be some surprises in various corners here and there. Have a look around, and don't get lost. I hope you enjoy your visit. Thank you very much for stopping by.            Daniel W. Dunn